Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not Lost...

You forgot it? Really!

Pool sucked dry ~ last spring.
Amazing ceiling
Just the beginning.

It is that time of year again. AZ Renaissance Fair.

Surprise Birthday wishes.
Cousins learning to play together.
Grandma you forgot your water bottle.
I made this for you.
God made this for all of us.
Obeying traffic signs.
Yoink ~ My chair now.

Only forgotten. I knew right where I left my small camera in the back of the car about 900 miles away. I had to wait awhile to get it back. Lovely surprises waited for me. I am glad the parting was only temporary.


  1. Yay!! For finding that which was lost.

    Where is that ceiling?

    The jeep made me smile!

    Great composition on the right turns.

    Love all the God gifts.

  2. Ceiling in Vegas at the Christian Women's Conference. An amazing experience.

  3. That is the balloon that nearly crashed into the house... At least same pattern. Great pics. Always love to see the beauty you present.

  4. Way fun. Apparently the balloon took a wrong turn somewhere. :)

  5. Hi There,

    i love that kitty photo the best! I'm a cat lover at heart.


  6. Thanks Judy. She is our resident kitty.

  7. Hi Again,

    I just posted two photos of my kitty Precious on my photo blog. When you click on the page, go to the Gallery section on the sidebar and click on the top post. You can see my earlier posts if you click on the other posts on the list or click on Prev on the blog page. Enjoy!