Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Cancer Awareness

Gathering of the Mob.
My sister knows I like spiders.
Wore it just for me.
Pink and Proud
The Beat goes on and on and on....
Ford in the spirit of pink.
Road warriors.
What can I say?
Bunch of Bananas Turned Out
Unlikely Fairies.

Pink Style

Young walkers.
Old walkers.
Strong walkers.
Amazing walkers.
Hurray for BIG numbers.
Cheering us on.
Celebrating those that survive.
Remembering those that didn't.
Effecting so many.
Missing Mom!
Crowds at every bend.
Hauling little ones in style.
"Pink's not a color...It's an attitude."
Celebrating Self.
Who thinks of these things?

Phoenix is famous for their Haboobs.
P/M - This ones for you.

Daddy - Daughter Fairies
Guardian Angels at every corner.
Sharing and Caring
Cheering at the end.
Why I walk?
Some day, little girls
will walk past graveyards
and never know about breast cancer.

This is my 10th anniversary of cancer free. Celebrated at the Phoenix Komen walk for the Cure.