Saturday, November 26, 2011

Summer Past 2011

Good morning, morning. Hello Sunshine.
Orange splendor.
Winged Sentinel
Big Fish in a Small Pond
My name should be Magnificent.
Waiting to park to go hiking.
Desert Intimidation
Zigzag up the hill.
Morning Haze
Cityscape above the Skyline.
Jagged miniature of the Mountain
Water copy zigzag of the mountain
Future Promise
Promise Fulfilled
Delicate sipping
Sharing in the bounty.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zoo's expanding the time line

I ignore the neighbors like they are not there.

Ms. Peacock, In the Kitchen, With the Candlestick.

Blue Eyes, bluer than any you have ever seen.

I'm ignoring you.

Knock knock....Who's there?

Shake Shake Shake ....Shake Shake Shake


How would you like his dental bill?

Now that's a BIG BABY!

Lost in thought.....or just bored?

Is this my good side?

Mom, can I be out of time out now?

Lonnnggggg Way Down.

Ack, There goes the neighborhood.

You look'n at me....huh. Buzz off. Hmph.

Spit on all the people.

Say it, don't Spray it.

i 'm depressed.

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

Hey Mildred, I've been invited to dinner end of November,
Do you think I should Go?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Time to remember

Tomorrow, here in the United States, we have Veterans day in honor of all those that have served in the military. The interesting thing about war, it affects everyone. No border can keep it out. Those that feel smug and think they are removed from war often get a rude awakening when it comes pounding on their door. Peace would be beautiful. However, as long as there are those that feel might and power give them the right to trample others, war will exist. I am thankful to those in every country that have served to protect liberty and lives of others. I like the saying, "You know who the good guys are by who shields who. If the soldiers use humans to shield themselves, they are the bad guys. If they use themselves to shield others, those are the good guys." PTSD is sometimes called 'the soldier's illness.' I am sorry that they suffer long after they have come home. I found a few links that you may want to visit.

A Good Teacher

This is a true story.

It started in a school. The location of the school is of no consequence, nor is the name of the teacher a consequence. What matters is what the teacher did to convey a serious point. This is what she did–
One day she set up a ‘lesson’ for her kids. On the first day of homeroom, she removed all the desks and chairs. Needless to say, the kids came in confused, wondering what the heck happened. This was the lesson: if there was one kid who could guess why they deserved to have chairs to sit on and desks to work on, she’d get the desks and chairs back into the room. The teacher gave each kid till the end of the day to figure it out.
As the day went by, every kid thought about it. The teacher got every possible answer; she heard ‘good grades’, ‘punctuality’, ‘good behavior’. Each time, the teacher turned each student down, saying that it wasn’t the reason. Every kid was flabbergasted. What could it have been? No one knew.
At the end of the day, the students rounded in with the desks and chairs still missing. She presented her ‘lesson’ one more time. None of the students could think of anything. None had a reason why they would have chairs and desks. Smiling, she nodded her head. As she made her way to a door leading into an adjacent room, she said this: “this is the reason why you’re allowed to have desks and chairs for school.” She opened the door.
Coming out of the door were maybe a dozen or so military soldiers, fully dressed in uniform. Each was holding a chair and desk as if they were weapons. One by one, the soldiers filed in to place a desk and chair right next to each student. They then stood at attention….
The kids were speechless. The teacher then said “Remember that.”

Thank you to every soldier that fought to protect others and fight for freedom from tyranny.