Thursday, May 15, 2014

Desert Botanical Gardens

I get posts from Photography web sites, I browse the information working at growing my skill with a camera.  Photography was not my goal when I started college.  I didn't consider myself an artist.  15 years ago I was hired by a university art department to take care of their computers.  During the interview, I told them I had zero art experience.  They hired me anyway.  In a very short time, they realized I knew so little about art and photography that they couldn't explain to me the problems they were having.  They sent me to Photography 101 to get me up to speed.  The very first day the professor explained the Photography is science mixed with magic.  Then followed was 15 more years of exploring the world with a camera as my exploration tool.  Another professor tapped into teaching me how to use a camera to explore the way I feel.  A whole new world opened up to me.  I realized that a photograph is but a split second of what I see and feel in that moment. 

Quotes by photographers:

Abstract photography:

Humming Bird Feeder

Art mimics nature

Color enhanced by Photoshop

Finding walking walnuts.

Fairy dusters

Any place can be come a home.

If I hold still, no one will see me.

Tower of Glass