Sunday, December 26, 2010

AZ Christmas

Welcome to an Arizona Christmas

Where Christmas lights and flowers coexist

Candy Cane vs Flowers battle for your attention

Confusion Blue Hawaii or Blue Christmas?

Electric Blue Flowers

Revealing secret power

Outdoor project ~ Destructing a pool

Indoor project ~ Destructing Breakfast

Magical Moments

House Construction

AZ Mantel

Lights on a Pine Tree

Christmas Spirit

Red Light Flowers

Surprise Unwrapped

Winter Flowers ~ a Blue Light Special

Isaiah 7:14 Prophecy of Christ

Symbolism of Christ

Purity of Christ

His Light Shines on All

They Went by Night to Adore Him

He was Sent for All People

Shepherds watched their flocks by night

Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem

Wrapped Him in Swaddling Clothes
And Laid Him in a Manger


  1. Symbolism of Christ caught my eye. How lovely! Merry Christmas!

  2. A nice and beautiful series of photos Christmas in Arizona. The photo that I liked was the Blue Hawaii.