Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still remember

I can forget any name. I struggle to pass test that I have to memorize information. I was scrolling through old photographs and found this one from 2 years ago. I still remember what store parking lot I was in when I took the picture. Are you kidding me? My head seems to be wired to remember a sunset from 2 years ago but not who I was introduced to 10 minutes ago.


  1. I find the same with visual memory. It is like the visual memory is one of our experience of actuality but the name forgotten is a meta experience of actuality. Put another way a name is a symbol. I bet you remember what the person looked like - direct experience of actuality again.

    A funny thing I've noticed that if I relisten to verbal audio material like an Audible book or podcast when I get to certain passages I remember exactly where I was the last time I listened - this is a matter of week, maybe months. Medium term memory.Podcaster Leo LaPorte has made the same observation.

    I think even while decoding spoken words the visual 'actuality recorder' is working away. Unlike reading, the experience of the sound is a direct experience but decoding the verbal symbols is a meta experience. ie - two people hear a speech: a native speaker and a foreigner who doesn't know the language. Both have the direct experience, but only the native speaker has the meta experience. Just my 2 they say. Speaking of actuality - nice clouds.

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