Thursday, June 3, 2010


Everyday I pass hibiscus flowers in my yard, at the park, and at my parents. Today I tackled the challenge of bringing one to my computer. The one on my computer looks much better. Photoshop helped me combine two renderings from a RAW file to have detail in both the shadows and the highlights.


  1. Very beautiful! And I really love the fountain shots! Gives it a whole new feel and sense. What speed did you take those on?

  2. To freeze time, (shutter 1/400 or faster) the faster the better. To record movement, small aperture (f32), long time (1/60 or slower on a tripod.) Sunny days give you a much wider gap between shutter speed and aperture size. Digital lets me experiment to my hearts content.

  3. i LOVE this picture, hibiscus is my favorite.